Taken from your home, transformed by the power of Faerie, kept as the Others’ slave or pet — but you never forgot where you came from. Now you have found your way back through the Thorns, to a home that is no longer yours. You are Lost. Find yourself.

The Story

Set in the World of Darkness of White Wolf Studios, where legendary and supernatural creatures exist alongside humans. The Changelings (referring to themselves as “The Lost”) were taken from their homes and made to serve the Others (fae) in Acadia, the land of the Faerie.

“While trapped in Faerie (referred to as their “Durance”), they were forced to serve their otherworldly masters and endure inhuman tortures; to survive under the twisted laws underpinning Arcadia, they also had to undergo physical and supernatural changes. Many escape only to find that they have been replaced by a faerie simulacrum (called a “Fetch”) and that they have not been missed at all. Most also discover that time passed differently in Arcadia than in the mortal world, and they are either too old or too young to resume their normal lives. Those who can often do attempt to pick up where they left off before they were taken, with varying degrees of success, while others try to build new human lives elsewhere. However even under the best possible circumstances, the Lost are no longer fully human; they have become part of both worlds and while they are still human enough to make sense of human things, they have been changed just enough to skew their perceptions. Many embrace their new existences, compensating for the loss of their mortal lives by immersing themselves in changeling society. Most find that they have come to appreciate humanity in a new way, finding beauty in the most mundane or painful of experiences, aching for things they did not appreciate before their capture."

Know that the Fae always come to find their toys. You escaped.

Where You Come In

You have come out of the Hedge to find yourself in New York City. You are confused, no idea what time you have come out of the Hedge. Your “Durance” has left you dazed and confused. You remember the smells of this world, though not as sharp as they were in the world you had just come out of. You feel… Different. This place feels different. And your past residence seems as if only a nightmare. As if knowing you were coming, a cloaked woman approaches you at your place of arrival. “Welcome back. Come with me, I can explain much. But first, put this hood on.”
She seems trustworthy enough so you put the hood on, and you follow her to a small shop at the edge of East Village. Walking inside, it is a lavishly decorated metaphysical shop, dimly lit with gas candelabras. “Modern technology, you will find, will not work so well for you in many instances.” Crystals sparkled in the light. “Come to the backroom.”
Finding no reason not to follow her, you proceed. When you enter, the door closes. The woman lowers her hood, revealing copper hair with purple tinges and striking gold eyes. Her features were too symmetrical, almost too perfect. “What are you?” Your voice sounds the slightest bit off.
“I am what you are. A Lost. Someone taken out of time and escaped. Welcome back from Acadia. Here. Come take a look at what you are.” She directs you to look in a mirror-

What do you see?

Changelling (New York City)